Magnolia Monterey


Magnolia Monterey has been created as a unique one-stop-shop for brides looking for luxury bridal gowns and unique bridal accessories. We want to help create great memories, relieve stress, and create magic for your wonderful wedding day.


I’ve always enjoyed planning and all things wedding. I instinctively saw an opportunity for change during the pandemic and I took a leap to start my own business in this new world. I want to build a dream team, promote partnerships locally and abroad. Magnolia Monterey is my vision to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. I want to empower and encourage women and other small business owners alike. I strive to be a unique one-stop shop for our clients to rely on.


I want to help my customers to create memorable experiences. I wish to grow an honest and genuine relationship with our clients as well as our partners to establish a trusting connection. My philosophy isn’t to pressure sales but to help you find what you truly love. I will try my best to provide you with all the resources so that you can get what you need and want. If you don’t love it, I don’t want to sell it! I love to get to know my brides and fill the room with warmth and laughter.


Your feedbacks are super important for our small business! It’s the only way we know how to grow or change for the better because I believe there is ALWAYS something new to learn and improve. I look forward to seeing you soon and thank you in advance for supporting our small business!


“If you dont love it, I dont want to sell it. So Ill keep putting you in something until you fall in love."



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